Vernon Magsino has established himself as a web site designer and developer in 1996. After learning the basics of HTML coding in his freshman electrical engineering orientation class at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), he was immediately hooked on designing web sites.

That year his main influence in the web site world was Christine Feliciano Estacio, whom he would like to thank from the bottom of his heart for introducing him to Adobe PhotoShop. After learning PhotoShop, it was one of the first programs he added to his web skills. From there sparked the beginning of what we would know today as Vernon Magsino Creations.

In 1997 Vernon became the webmaster for the Philippine Student Assocation at UIUC. This was his first webmaster position. For this site, he layed the foundation for the site to become as magnificent as it is today.

In 1998 He had the opportunity to create intranet websites for Intel Corporation, US Army Corp of Engineers, and for the UIUC Computing Services Office. These clients really helped to begin his career as a web designer.

Since then he has designed, developed, and maintained several websites. To keep up with the latest technologies, he decided to obtain Web Site Certifications at Oakton Community College, which he recently received in May 2006.

Today, Vernon's passion for web design and development continues to mesmerize all who view his work. His detailing, creativity, and innovations help to make any of his web sites another Vernon Magsino Creation.